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Premium & Versatile Battlemats

3 Ply Laminate

Our unique construction provides unparalleled utility and durability, ensuring your game surface lasts for years to come. From intense battles to intricate storytelling, our mats go beyond the basics to enhance your gaming experience. Don't settle for less.


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The flagship map featuring fresh green blades of grass with subtle touches to add depth perfect for battles in open fields, spending time in rural villages, travelling through forests or traversing vast landscapes.

Extremely Durable

A surface that can withstand the toughest battles. This finish allows you to use our included dry erase markers, making it easy to keep track of your game progress and make quick scenarios on the fly. The dry wipe finish ensures that our battlemats remain in top condition, even after multiple uses with no marker ghosting.

Premium Quality

We take pride in delivering high-quality and clear prints on all of our battlemats. Our printing process ensures that every detail is captured, making it easy to distinguish between different terrains and obstacles on the map. This high-quality print ensures that your battles are always clear and easy to follow, even during the most intense battles.

Magnetic Adhesion

Our battlemats are magnetic, which means they can easily stick to metal bases, making them incredibly versatile. No slipping or curled up edges & easy combined use with other magnetic terrains. Our surface uses uniform magnetisation & saturation offering an ultra strong grip.

Minimalist Design

A simple design that allows for full creative freedom. This means you can use them to imagine any kind of terrain, cityscape, or other location for your adventures. With no pre-drawn large features, you can create your own unique game board that is tailored to your specific campaign or scenario.

Convenient Storage

We understand the importance of keeping your gaming supplies organized, which is why our maps are flexible & why we specifically designed our tube packaging to be compact, easy to store & track with the printed map design on the lid. The tube packaging is lightweight and can easily fit in a backpack or gaming bag, taking away the trouble of transporting it to your next game.

The perfect tool for your tabletop adventures - our high-quality battlemats!

Designed to enhance your gameplay and bring your battles to life, our battlemats are made with premium materials to ensure durability and longevity. With grid lines that are easy to see, you can easily map out your adventures and create immersive battle scenes.

Whether you're a DM looking to create epic battles or a player who wants to visualize their character's movements in real-time, our battlemats will help you take your game to the next level.

Upgrade your experience with our premium battlemats. Order now and get ready to embark on the adventure of a lifetime!


High Detail Print
Dry Wipe

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