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What is a Battlemat?

A Battlemat is a gridded surface designed for tabletop role-playing games (TTRPGs) that allows players to use miniatures to immerse themselves in games. It serves as a useful visual aid for role playing and excellent tactical aid for combat. All of our battlemats feature a grid design to help track movement.

How can I use the battlemat sessions?

Our battlemat is versatile and suitable for any TTRPG. You can draw on it with dry-erase markers to create dynamic maps for your adventures, and thanks to its magnetic backing, it easily adheres to any ferrous surface, making your game setup more stable and giving you more flexibility and stability with terrain.

What makes MadebyGrunk Battlemats different from other gaming mats?

Our battlemat stands out due to its extremely high quality. It features all the useful features of battlemats such as dry-wipe ability, allowing for endless reusability; magnetic adhesion, offering easy setup on metal surfaces; and its superior durability, ensuring it withstands the rigors of intense gaming sessions for years to come.

Can I use any type of marker on the battlemat?

Yes, you are not limited to the markers provided and can use any dry-erase markers on our battlemat. They wipe off cleanly, allowing you to update your game map as your adventure unfolds.

How do I clean the battlemat?

Cleaning our battlemat is easy—simply use our included dry-eraser to wipe off any markings. For more stubborn marks, a little bit of water or isopropyl alcohol on a cloth can help.

Is the battlemat durable enough for regular use?

Absolutely! Our battlemat is designed with durability in mind, made to withstand repeated use and cleaning, ensuring a long lifespan even with frequent gaming sessions.

What sizes are available for the battlemat?

Currently, we offer a standard size of 2ft x 2ft that fits most gaming tables. However, we are looking to expand our range to include various sizes and designs to suit all your gaming needs.

Will there be more designs or types of battlemats available in the future?

Yes, we already have a number of designs completed and are constantly working on expanding our product line to include not only a variety of maps and designs that cater to all types of tabletop adventures but also other high quality TTRPG accessories. Stay tuned for updates!

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship globally but currently charge for countries distance from our base of operation in the UK. Please do bare with us as we are working hard to try and offer completely free global shipping!