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Choosing The Right Battlemat

Tabletop RPG games have been a beloved pastime for generations, captivating players with their immersive storytelling and endless possibilities. However, a critical element that often goes overlooked is the playing surface. Choosing the right battlemat can elevate your game experience and bring your world to life.

But with so many options out there, how do you know which battlemat is right for you? Let us help guide you through the process with some tips and insights into how we designed Grunk's Gridmaps.



The first consideration when choosing a battlemat is size. The most common sizes are 24x36 inches and 30x40 inches, but depending on your needs, you can find smaller or larger sizes. We chose to sit in the middle with a square 24x24 grid, providing ample play area while still being compact enough to fit on most tables.



The material of your battlemat is another important factor to consider. Vinyl is the most popular material due to its durability, easy maintenance, and diverse designs. Neoprene is another great option because it's thicker and more cushioned than vinyl, providing added comfort during long gaming sessions. Paper battlemats are the most affordable option, but they lack the durability and longevity of vinyl or neoprene. At MadebyGrunk, our battlemats use PVC with a durable UV printing technique, ensuring unparalleled image clarity and longevity.


Design and Features

Choosing the right design for your battlemat can make all the difference in immersing your players in your world. A grassy meadow may be perfect for a fantasy game, while a gritty urban landscape is ideal for a cyberpunk or modern game. Additionally, grids or hexes can make it easier to track movement and range during combat. At MadebyGrunk, our battlemats feature a 1-inch grid to ensure compatibility with various terrain tiles and custom 3D printed buildings. Moreover, our battlemats have a magnetic rubber surface to prevent curling and movement, while the minimalistic design enables versatility and use across different scenarios.



If you plan on taking your battlemat to different locations for games, portability is key. Vinyl and paper battlemats are lightweight and easy to roll up for transport, while neoprene mats can be heavier and harder to transport. Our maps come with beautifully designed tube packaging and weigh only 1kg, making them easy to carry with you.



Finally, consider your budget when selecting a battlemat. Vinyl mats are the most affordable, with prices ranging from £15 to £75. Neoprene mats are pricier, typically costing £50 or more. Paper mats are the cheapest option but also the least durable. At MadebyGrunk, we aimed to offer the perfect price for performance, combining all the benefits of a high-quality battlemat at an affordable price.


By taking these factors into consideration, you can find the perfect battlemat for your tabletop RPG game. With a great battlemat, you'll be able to enhance your game and create countless hours of exciting adventure and exploration. Grunk and the MadebyGrunk team look forward to being a part of your next gaming session!

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